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The culture of Diriamba, a synthesis of Spanish and Amerindians cultures combining theatre, dance and music, is considered one of Latin America’s most distinctive colonial-era expressions.

The popular and traditional culture of Diriamba is proclaimed by the religious spirit of its people during the celebration of the feast of San Sebastian, patron saint of the city. The feast takes place from 17 to 27 January; being the 19th, the 20th and the 27th the dates when the image is taken in street processions across the city together with the images of St. Mark and Santiago patron saints of the neighbor cities of San Marcos and Jinotepe respectively. The venerated images of San Sebastian and Santiago were brought from Spain; according to the legend the images appeared floating in the Pacific Ocean.

During the feasts, the people of Diriamba offer local food and drinks to the visitors. The traditional dances: the Toro Huaco, El Güegüense or Marcho Raton, and Las Inditas performance on the street showing their shining suits with adornments of showy colors in fulfillment of promises to the Patron Saint. Another beautiful local dance is The Giant, traditional dance based on the Biblical passage of David and Goliat.

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