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(Picture provided by Marvin Alemán)

" One of the greatest jewels of our National Sport ..... One of the brightest jewels is the glorious team Diriangen.

A piece of our history that still lives..."

Milton Cuadra Serrano


The main sport of Diriamba is football (Soccer). In fact Diriamba is the birthplace of the Nicaragua football. The first Nicaragua team "Diriangen" was founded in 1917 and since them it has won 25 championships.

The city has many categories of football such as: The little League, first, second, third and junior divisions, and a women's team in the first division.

In the rural area of the city, there are soccer and baseball teams organized by peasants. In addition, in the schools of Diriamba a variety of sports are practiced, such as, Basketball, Volleyball and athletics games.

History of the Diriangen football team

In the book wrote by Jorge Blanco we find the following notes on pages 51 and 52.

“Diriamba organized its first football team in 1920. The team was named Diriangen in remembrance of the first Indian Chief of Diriamba. The first mentors and players were the following prominent people: José Dolores González, Buenaventura Rappaccioli, Demetrio González, Enrique Baltodano, Juan Yuston (q.e.p.d.), Diego y Carlos González, Ramón Quintanilla and others.

The effort of the above people were undertaken by great sportsman. Some of them were Fernando y Gilberto Quintanilla, Paco, Alberto y Alejandro Alemán, Nayo Quintanilla, Manuel Medal, Luis Siero, Antonio González G., Fernando Gutiérrez, Mateo Quintanilla, Carlos Quintanilla, Carlos Marín, José María Bermúdez, etc.

The Diriangen football club had its first encounters with the powerful teams of the city of Managua “XOLOTLAN” and “ATLETICOS” , and with the “METROPOLITAN” team of the city of Leon. The Diriangen won all these matches in a decisive manner. These games gave Diriangen national recognition of being a great team with a lot of potential.

Later the city of Managua organized other football teams, including the famous and historic team “The Train” (El Ferrocaril), integrated by members of the high society in Managua and for employees of the Pacific Railroad of Nicaragua. The Diriamgen football team played with “The Train” many times, resulting in continuously victorious games for the Diriangen The Diriangen also beat the teams of Leon and Corinto, and then it got many others triumphs over others football team in Nicaragua. By this time, Diriangen had acquired the fame to be an invincible team.


(Foto es cortesía del Lic. Octavio Argüello)

De Pie: Dr. Carlos Chong, Fito Castro, Carlos González (Capo), Guillermo Ortiz, Vidal Quintanilla (El Paisa), Manuel Flores (Cuchubal), Pedro José Jirón (Peche), Leonel Quitanilla, Padre Angel Pérez, Pedro Rocha

De Cuclillas: Gustavo Ocampo (El Cuervo), José Manuel Figueroa, Mario Orellana, Julio Rocha, Livio Bendaña, Manuel Tamariz, Manuel Cuadra (Catarrito), Higinio Parrales

Himno FC Diriangén

Diriagen Stadium


Diriangen Club Main Office

Carazo Nicaragua del Reloj, 3C. al norte, 1C. al este
Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua

+505 2760930
+505 2762076

Sport fields  in Diriamba

Estadio el Cacique Diriangén La Salle Nacional
Campo Deportivo Santa Cecilia Municipal
Campo Deportivo La Salle Municipal



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